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Green Smoothie Recipes

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Green Smoothie Recipes gives you exactly what you want. Over 200 fully indexed green smoothies recipes with the amounts of everything that you need. Each recipe for green smoothie is grouped in chapters under the main green ingredient that is used. Each of the chapter groups starts with the simplest recipes using the least ingredients and progresses up to more complicated ones at the end of each chapter. This way you can select a recipe that suits your needs and experience in making healthy green smoothies.

This book doesn’t contain any fluff about the health benefits of drinking a green smoothie or the equipment that you need. It is assumed that you know how to use a blender and already have one that will successfully do the job. It also assumes that you are quite capable of throwing the ingredients into a blender and whizzing them up. There are no personal accounts detailing life changing events caused by drinking green smoothies. If you just need a whole lot of different healthy green smoothie recipes to keep you going and make your life more interesting then this is the book for you!

The best green smoothie will only have fruit and greens in it and won’t have additives such as protein powders. Fresh ingredients are used in all of these raw green smoothie recipes. Included are green smoothie weight loss recipes, green smoothie diet recipes and detox smoothie recipes. Once you get started with all of these green smoothie recipes you will just want to carry on, experiment and create your own.

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