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How to Save on Travel

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Learn how to save on travel using the travel tips and tricks that the airlines and travel agents do not want you to know.

As a travel writer, former travel agent and seasoned traveller who has also lived and worked overseas the author is giving away the travel and airline industry secrets, tips and tricks that these guy do not want you to find out.

Although a detailed and factual guide, ‘How to Save on Travel’ provides proven methods that are written in a simple, easy to follow manner to assist you in planning and saving on your travels.

The guide is written through experience within the industry and the authors own experiences as well as access to successful travel agents and those smart travellers who continually find the cheapest way to travel. These guys knew how to beat the system and are willing to share this knowledge with you.

Learn how airfares work, priced and more importantly how to use those rules and knowledge to your advantage, leaving you with more money in your pocket.

But we don’t just stop at the airfares, in this money-saving travel guide you will also learn how to save on travel insurance, accommodation, packages and saving at your destination.

Discover how to save on travel and you too could become one of these clever travel savers.

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