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Postcards From Around The Globe

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"Postcards From Around The Globe" brings you the haunting beauty of the Earth in all its variety, deserts, mountains, seas and jungle comes across in picture combined with poem as you join the poet on his quest to capture the very essence of life.

From the Himalayan mountains to the jungles of Malaysia, the deserts of Iran and the beauties of Croatia's sea coast, you begin to explore a world rich in variety, experience and romantic possibility.

You are about to ship out on a voyage of discovery that will remind you of all the world has to offer.

The journey begins at Dover, England and finishes in Hong Kong ready for the next stage which leads on to the new world of Australia that awaits you in volume four of this multi-volume poetry collection.

The pictures and words capture a moment in time, but this moment contains a lasting haunting grip on the imagination.

A book for lovers and collectors of art and poetry in a unique combination.

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