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8 The Reprobate

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In this eighth installment of the Flight of the Armada series, the separate factions of Thuringi continue to work toward reuniting. The Lost Crew works on building a ship to leave Thelan, Crown Prince Erich returns with the crown to the fleet, where he and Glendon Garin help Hartin Medina end a political problem. Stuart faces attacks by the Ossili, the disdain of Earthian scientists who do not accept his highly advanced flight theories, and a personal crisis no one foresees. Yjarnnah grows up on Senga under Queen Oriel’s watchful guidance. Darien and his D’tai confederate Urgyl Fresh create chaos for Stellar Council worlds, using the Shargassi’s distraction of distant concerns to Thuringa’s advantage. Maranta Shanaugh’s spirit, merged with boy genius Marshall Sheridan, experiences the trials of childhood and tests his limits. Sandan’s romantic interest in Carrol grows.

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