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I was 18 years of age when on the 26th of April 1964 I became involved in a major car crash resulting in near fatal injuries. I have no recollection of the accident due to serious brain damage that resulted in a total loss of memory from the evening before, until gradually regaining consciousness five days later in hospital. During those missing five days and in the days that followed my life was offered up on the altar of religious bigotry. Although I survived I was left permanently and I believe unnecessarily crippled and I have suffered severe pain as a result of the events that unfolded at that time every single day of my life until this very day (Around 17,000 days) and will continue so to do until I die. During those five days, I learned later, the medical staff had pleaded with my parents to allow them to give me a blood transfusion yes just a little drop of blood to carry oxygen to my damaged tissues: they refused and the blood substitute and saline solutions I was given could not do the task. Gangrene set in and my leg was amputated between knee and thigh. It was that or certain death due to anaemia and septicaemia.
Now at the age of 65 I will tell my story through the semi- fictitious lives of Jerry, Amy and their daughter Jo. For the absence of doubt I will say now that my parents loved me totally and their actions were motivated by a misconception of right and wrong for which I hold them not to account. They and I had become totally and utterly brainwashed.
Yes, I to was a willing and proud victim. In some ways not unlike what we now call suicide bombers, insofar as for a religious reason I and they were duped into sacrificing lives and in my case limb for the unproven promise of a better life to come in some kind of paradise. The five days and the things that happened afterwards were probably worse for my parents tan me and given my lack of consciousness, they were, at the time, suffering more than I was. I have waited to complete this book until they have both died and it has to be said up until which moment, they were still faithful to their religion.
Their motives were pure as far as they were concerned. Indeed when I regained consciousness and realised what was happening I endorsed my parents stand regarding blood even though the doctor fully explained the risks to me and the dangers associated with proceeding with any medical intervention without the use of blood transfusion and he said that now I was conscious I should decide for myself and in my brainwashed stupor of religious fanaticism I went along with the ‘No blood transfusion’ policy.
It was now too late to save the leg: so off it had to come. To all intents and purposes our actions were going to result in us living forever on this earth in paradise and with my leg restored (I would hate to live without it forever!) We were a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW’s.)

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