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Facing The Maiden (Rex Pain Space Soldier #2)

39 pages28 minutes


Banished to boredom on Mars, Rex prays something will happen. However, with more the 10,000 heavily armed space soldiers storming down on his position, things are not going to go easy. Rex's blessed maiden is going to throw him more death than he can handle, all while he tries to protect himself and his team from orders so stupid they could be considered a joke. Action, intensity and Rex. Enjoy!

This is the second book in the Rex Pain Space Soldier Series. In the next book, Not My War (Rex Pain Space Soldier #3), Rex faces off with vicious alien forces that know no surrender nor fear. The journey is just beginning in Not My War.

The first book in this series is free for your enjoyment. Search for On The Edge Of Hell (Rex Pain Space Soldier #1) in the search bar above for details. Thank you for your support!

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