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Norah's Children

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Norah’s Children is the first book of a trilogy set in Ireland and England. Ann O’Farrell narrates a story of a family’s inexplicable dissolution—five children tragically split and cast off to separate worlds. In the span of fourteen formative years their story unfolds touching the very core of what is the essence of family and attachment. How much is an individual the product of his or her upbringing? To what great extent is the sense of family, its pride and bonding, a part of an individual’s soul, character—child or adult? Told in classic Gallic style— rural Ireland in the 1920s— Norah’s Children is wonderfully painted in expressive detail, settings and emotion. This is a mindful and moving experience reflective of parents, siblings and those of us sensitive to today’s family-based challenges, of parenting, values and lastingness.

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