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Love And Secrets

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Love And Secrets

How far are you willing to go to keep the one that you love?

How far are you willing to go to protect the one that you love?

In this 102,000 word romantic suspense novel, Anne Murphy keeps many secrets from Wayne Parker, the man she falls in love with.

Her marriage to him three years after they first meet doesn't make her come clean and tell her new husband what she has been hiding from him.

Instead, because she loves Wayne so much and she doesn't want to lose him, she does something devious during their marriage and hides it from him as well.

Brought up in a strict Catholic family, Anne has to deal with religious conflict, a love/hate relationship with her older sister, a wayward teenage daughter, a guilty conscience, and the constant fear that her husband would eventually find out about her many secrets.

Wayne is a very loving husband who has secrets of his own.

The couple keep secrets from each other in the name of love.

What will happen when all those secrets are eventually exposed?

Find out in this romantic suspense novel, which includes elements of religion and mystery.

Length: 102,000 words approximately

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