A lot of pleople wonder what homesteading is and how it fits into our modern society. In a nutshell it is a return to being self sufficient, living off the land if you will. As more and more individuals are trying to find ways to save money they are looking at ways to grow what they can.

A lot may find it surprising to know that having a boxed garden or a potted garden is an urban way to homestead.

This book provides all the information that one could ever want to know on a basic level about homesteading and how to make the transition to becoming more self sufficient.

What many individuals fail to realize is that there are individuals that never stopped practicing this way of life and that some are even totally “off the grid” as they produce everything that they need.

It makes for an interesting read and at the end of it all you will start to wonder why you were not doing it in the first place. Everything is presented in a manner that is extremely to understand and in the long run will turn out to be a rather viable solution for any household looking to save.

About the Author: Marlon Green grew up on a farm where nothing was wasted as it could all be used to do something so he thought it strange to see some of his neighbors wasting so much of their good resources.

He was even more appalled when he moved to the suburbia and saw that everyone was purchasing everything they needed right down to their herbs and spices. He lived in an apartment but was still able to get an urban form of homesteading done to fill his needs.

He then saw the need to share what he had learned from his parents when he saw that his friends were literally struggling to pay the bills and eat.

He slowly introduced them to the world of homesteading (an abridged version at last) of how they could grow some of what they need in pots and how to recycle some items.

Following up on that he decided to go a step further and share with anyone that was willing to take on the challenge.

This is where the book comes in and it is packed with all the information that you could ever need on how to be a homesteader in the modern world with ease.

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