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The Hangar Dance

35 pages29 minutes


Sylvie is a girl who longs to be a woman. When her friend Betty invites her to a dance at the local airfield, where a US squadron is based, she knows she has to go, even if it means lying to her parents.

Upon meeting Jack, a young American airman, life becomes even more complicated.

A World War II romance, set in Norfolk, rural England.

"Short and sweet story about love, innocence and loss," (Review, May 2013).

"An insight into a young girl's heart as she falls for a soldier. Her mind-set felt true to the era and compassion develops quickly between reader and character," (Goodreads review).

"In the latter days of the Second World War, Sylvia is thrilled to be invited to the hangar dance held by the US squadron now based near her Norfolk home. Her parents are less than happy about it, so she sneaks out, determined to see the glitz and glamour of the US and escape the grind of the war years. She never plans to fall in love. ‘The Hangar Dance’ is a short and touching romance that nonetheless develops its characters and world fully in the short space of time we see them. Jack, Bradley, Mitzi and especially Sylvia, come to life on the page in this bittersweet story left deliberately open-ended," (4 star press review by Bookangel, January 2016.)

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