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How To Build A Killer

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Matilda Tryon (Tilly, to her friends) assessed her new patient. Yes, she would definitely describe Ethan Pierce as beautiful....drop-dead gorgeous, in fact. Collar-length hair of palest blonde framed a face seemingly carved of ivory....compelling cat’s eyes that mutated between the clear light green of a fine Pinot Grigio to a hint of champagne gold, a distracting quality Tilly had to force herself to ignore. High cheekbones, an aristocratic nose, sculptured lips. A strong chin saved him, barely, from the touch of effeminacy his refined features would normally have given him. Add to all that, a fleeting white smile and well, Tilly assumed if Michelangelo was sitting across from Ethan Pierce right now, he’d have a hard-on.
Furthermore, Ethan’s languid grace made even a red prison jumpsuit (red being the color worn by the most dangerous inmates) appear to have been custom-tailored personally for him by Ralph Lauren. He was relaxed, leaned back in his chair. His lean body put Tilly in mind of a stiletto, elegant in repose but lightning quick when called upon, and potentially deadly. Well, let’s be honest: “potentially” wasn’t the operative word here. Positively lethal was more accurate.

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