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Together Again

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When Abe joins his friends for a movie about Abraham Lincoln, it provokes an unusual dream about the former U.S. President. In the dream Abe, a soon-to-be college history major, overhears a conversation between Lincoln and God. Lincoln says he shouldn't be getting all the credit for ending slavery and saving the Union.

" 'It’s not like I singlehandedly put the nation back together again. I wasn’t even there anymore! I died!' ” he exclaims.

Lincoln convinces God someone should tell this generation his real story. So when Abe's American History teacher assigns a term paper on a historical figure, he believes he's the one for the job!

Using an old book about Lincoln inherited from his grandfather Ralph, Abe researches Lincoln's life and learns he has more than just a first name in common with Lincoln: They both had girlfriends by the name of Ann. Lincoln lost his Ann to typhoid, while he ditched his girl because he thought he would marry too young. As the story progresses, Abe deals with his conflicting emotions about his high school sweetheart, who heads off for college out of town in the fall.

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