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IKONS is the engaging story of Russian-American history told through a skillful blend of facts and family lore. The saga follows the Pribish family as world events sweep them from the squalor of the Pripet Marsh to the deserts of Tajikistan, from the frozen vastness of Siberia to the promised land of the United States. Along their perilous journey they witness the destruction of monarchies, the horrors of world war and revolution, the empty promise of communism, and the struggle for acceptance in a new world democracy.
"Saint Nicholas the Wonder Worker" is first in the series. Here the reader meets the villagers of Hutawa, Byelorussia--her heroes, scoundrels and common folk. Starting with the First Russian Revolution in 1905, the villagers are faced with the class warfare of the industrial age, immigration to America, and the coming war in 1914. Follow Massey Pribish as he breaks the chains of his culture in search of a better life--first in the iron works of Russia, then in the steel mills of America. Be with him as he courts and marries his Akulina, only to be separated by betrayal and the vastness of an ocean and the gulf of world politics.

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