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Legacy (Capitol Chronicles Book 5)

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When you’re sitting on top of the world,
You only have two decisions to make.
Do you fall to the left or the right?

Erika St. James has seen both the best of life and the worst of it. Losing the only parent who loved her unconditionally when she was twelve, she fled to a man who became a dear friend and one who taught her to run a multinational corporation. However, he didn’t teach her how to find good relationships -- especially the man-woman kind. On his death-bed, he tells her a secret, one that brings Michael Lawrence in to again upset her life.

Michael Lawrence, a traumatized attorney, has turned his back on the law and escaped to a solitary life in the Maryland mountains. Discovering he is heir to a fortune, he can only claim it if he returns to the city and works with Erika St. James, the beautiful new president of a multinational corporation. While his thoughts of her stray from the boardroom to the bedroom, someone else has plans to make him pay for past deeds. And Erika is the pawn he’ll use to force Michael into his crosshairs.

If they survive, will they be able to love again?

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