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Volume 9 continues where 8 left off with events key events spanning from 1/4 of 2013 to 1/19 of 2013. Volume 8, Volume 8, and Volume 10 are unique because these are books being published in conjunction with what is surfacing in the Associated Press Feed. It's to showcase what Cryptology looks like when the Planetary RSS Feed is lined up with the Associated Press Feed. Using mathematical tags as marks, you can mark the tags surfacing off of the Planetary RSS Feed and align them with the twin tags that pop out on the other end with the Associated Press Feed. This is to establish the validity of the claim that Earth's Electromagnetic Field does indeed function like a Planet-Sized Local Area Network. This Communication Grid moves faster than the Associated Press Feed. The first chapter starts off with news citing a picket in Russia regarding President Vladimir Putin's passing of a law banning Americans of adopting children in Russia. Gerard Depardieu voiced his support for Putin. He made a comment to the effect that Chess and Politics are different. This book shows a mathematical pattern regarding the tags marked for Chess and that of what is seen surfacing and the 1980s song "One Night in Bangkok" performed my Mike Gerard Tyson in "Hangover 2." A chapter shows how 2 unusual dog articles surfaced on the same day. News reported a dog in Italy that goes to mass every day even after the master died. The other dog jumped into a van hitting the accelerator accidentally killing the owner. Dogs are have four legs. Therefore, "Fours = Mass x Acceleration." It's hinting at a punny interpretation of a science formula hinting that Earth can provide a feedback response through the Associated Press Feed. The next chapter goes over the majority of cast mates in the 1979 television show "Dukes of Hazzard." This follows the theme of state dates. The 2005 movie had Willie Nelson born 4/30 when Louisiana became a state replacing Denver Pyle born 5/11 when Minnesota became a state as Uncle Jesse. Jessica Simpson born 7/10 when Wyoming became a state replaced Catherine Bach born 3/1 when Ohio and Nebraska became states as Daisy Duke. The 1966 Lincoln Futura Batmobile sold on 1/19 of 2013. This was at the same time the chapter on Robert E. Lee's birthday on 1/19 aligned with the General Lee. News reported bats in Europe carrying viruses similar to the Coronavirus. That is the Batman Symbol. Cryptology is used to show how you can decrypt President Barack Obama to transform into the name "Back O'Ba(T)ma(N)." The Back of Batman was broken in the 1993 comic strip "Knightfall" by Bane. This aligns with Mitt Romney who was associated with Bain Capital. Mitt Romney was born 3/12 like actor Aaron Eckhart as Two Face in "The Dark Knight." What happened in "The Dark Knight" and "The Dark Knight Rises" transpired in the 2012 Presidential Election. A bat was seen in a news studio on 9/9 of 2012 when California became a state. This is just like in the music video "Without Me" by Eminem dressed as Robin. This book discusses the Cryptology interpretation of Heaven and Hell. Following the superhero theme, this book is published on 1/22 of 2013. News for that day reported a 6.0 Earthquake in Indonesia at 5:22. A couple hours earlier news reported that Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic ripped his shirt off like the Hulk. 6.0 Earthquake at 5:22 = Novak Djokovic born 5/22. This Hulk event happened on 1/22 of 2013, which is the 79th birthday of Bill Bixby as the Hulk. That is a mathematical projection of Earth, as a living thing, imitating the Hulk smashing the ground causing an Earthquake. One last news article ties all the concepts together with a boulder crashing through a Utah home on 1/22 of 2013 that was 119 miles away from Las Vegas. 119 = 1/19 = Robert E. Lee. 119 = 11/9 = Lou Ferrigno who played the Hulk in the T.V. Show. This hints at how the superhero theme can be mathematically projected into the Associated Press Feed making superheroes come to life.

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