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The more than fifty individuals profiled in The Jewish Connection are a small representation of those who overcame challenges to make important contributions. The reader will learn the role these men and women played in the American Revolution, World Wars I & II, the Civil War, the Women's Rights Movement, labor unions, and a great deal more.

Did You Know:

1. Jewish conversos sailed with Christopher Columbus.
2. Harry Houdini spied on the Germans.
3. Marcel Marceau altered photos and changed birth dates to keep children from labor camps.
4. Jewish gangsters broke up Nazi rallies.
5. Why Rabbi Isaac Wise was arrested.
6. A Jewish Commodore's mother is buried at President Thomas Jefferson's mansion Monticello.
7. A Jewish Irishman ran guns for the Irish Republic army.
8. A Jewish baseball player was the first to win the MVP award for playing at two different positions.
9. A Jewish four-star admiral designed and developed the first nuclear powered submarine.

Profiles include: Bernard Baruch, Gretel Bergmann, Emile Berliner, Sarah Bernhardt, Robert Briscoe, Leonard Bernstein, Solomon Carvalho, Marc Chagall, Ernst Chain, Andre Citroen, "Two Gun" Morris Cohen, Alfred Dreyfus, Benjamin Disraeli, Tilly Edinger, Albert Einstein, Anne Frank, Varian Fry, Arthur Goldberg, Hank Greenberg, Meyer Guggenheim, Jascha Heifetz, Ben Helfgott, Theodor Herzl, Harry Houdini, Al Jolson, General Frederick Knefler, Ann Landers, Emma Lazarus, Commodore Uriah Levy, Aaron Lopez, Golda Meir, Marcel Marceau, Lise Meitner, Felix Mendelssohn, Daniel Mendoza, William Paley, Molly Picon, Judith Resnik, Admiral Hyman Rickover, Edward G Robinson, Mayer Rothschild, Edmund Rumpler, Haym Salomon, Solomon Schechter, Rose Schneiderman, Manya Shochat, Lina Stern, Levi Strauss, Henrietta Szold, Luis de Torres, John von Neumann, Paul von Reuter, Chaim Weizmann, Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise

The reader will gain an appreciation of Jewish history and culture by reading the accomplishments of inventors, scientists, athletes, entertainers, politicians, explorers and others.

Published: Phyllis Appel on
ISBN: 9781301060931
List price: $4.95
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