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Nikita's War

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In the 1950s, a very real Cold War era plot, created by entities within the Soviet Union to convert the United States to socialism, went virtually unnoticed by the American press. Nikita’s War presents a five decades belated version of that previously unreported story. Kurt Leichtman, a brilliant young associate of Premier Nikita Khrushchev, develops the plan and moves to the United States to oversee its implementation. He procures a teaching position at a major university and begins to cultivate a friendship with a young, female student whom he hopes will eventually become President of the United States. Along with their infiltration of America's schools and businesses, the Soviets choose one hundred children and young adults to groom for possible future election to political offices. Leichtman's young charge is defeated in the primary election by an unstart candidate with a foreign-sounding name. He is elected President, and immediately begins programs that allow the government to take over America's banking system, health care, media, and much of its industry.

An unlikely group of patriots, consisting of a wheelchair-bound reporter, a brain-damaged war hero, a retired FBI agent, and a soon-to-be-retired D.C. cop, discover the President's association with the plot to socialize America. Our heroes race the clock to find a way to stop the President and his henchmen before they can unleash the full extent of their plan to bring the United States of America into the Communist fold, as envisioned by Premier Khrushchev long ago.

"Nikita's War" is a fast paced story that will provide you with action, suspense, and political intrigue. For readers who have asked themselves, "How did our country get into this current mess, and what do those politicians in Washington think they are doing?" this story will provide one possible answer. It is important to remember one thing as you read: "Nikita's War" is fiction...or is it?

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