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Sex Machine

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The allegations aren’t all true. A lot of guys on the hustle in San Francisco hated his guts. Most women are hypnotically drawn to Charlie’s suave, boyish charms. His competitors claim Charlie was fortunate to have achieved social success so early on in his life. That wasn't totally accurate.
He’s landed a job with the International Talent Agency owned by one of United State's richest tycoon, William Byron Harrington. Charlie charmed his way up the corporate ladder to an executive position. He is, right now, engaged to the boss's daughter, Anne Harrington.
Meanwhile, Charlie-I-love-myself-so-much-I-could-kiss-myself has the best of everything. This is until his secretary Kelly Masterson informs him that his father law to be is considering appointing some else to a vice president position. And his fiancée’s mother (Margaret Harrington) turns up dead in his penthouse suite. He finds her there after a night at the theater. As he’s examining the body, the police arrive at his building. He knows he’s been set up to take the fall for a murder he hasn’t committed.

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