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Nora's Verdict

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Nora is sentenced to death for a crime she committed. In prison, she wishes she was dead. The head of Correctional Services visits her, and stuns her with his kindness. After his visit, she decides that she needs a new plan for dying.

Unexpectedly, she is released from jail, and starts a new life. She is told to her face that she slept her way into her job, and that shocks her, because it is not the case. She meets the owner of the company that hired her, and he asks her to do something that stuns her.

She eventually agrees, and starts a new life with him and his sons. The younger one takes to her immediately, the elder ones are unruly.

Nora’s and her stepbrother are shocked to come face to face. Seeing him takes her back in her mind, to a place that she prefers to avoid.

Her half-sister turns up, and makes a nasty discovery after talking to Nora. Nora’s stepbrother demands to see her, and she feels horrible hearing his voice and meeting him.

Nora finds that she has to deal with her past, and forgive, before she can accept, appreciate, and enjoy the new life that she has been given.

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