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This novel is based upon the life story of William 11 (Rufus) who was King of England after his father, William the Conqueror.

It starts with the death of the Conqueror and follows the main events during the reign of William Rufus. The main focus of the novel is the rivalry between Rufus and his two brothers, Robert, the Duke of Normandy and Henry, their younger brother.

The novel also follows Rufus's difficulties with the church and rebellions that took place after he inherited the crown.

This period of history is not well documented by contemporary accounts. Many documents referring to the reign of William Rufus were written with hindsight. However, I have endeavoured to make the story of Rufus as historically accurate as possible, whilst still presenting it in novel form.

Rufus himself has been a neglected historical figure as he has been over-shadowed by his father, the famed William the Conqueror, and his brother who succeeded him as Henry 1.

The novel ends at the death of Rufus and the suspicious circumstances that surround it.

Rufus was an intriguing character. Vain, quick of temper, often at odds with the church and part of a volatile, violent family where sibling rivalry often boiled over into warfare.

This is the story I tell in the novel 'Rufus', the first part of a proposed trilogy, the other parts being devoted to the other two sons of the Conqueror, Robert and Henry.

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