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The Sassy Chick's Guide to All Relationships

64 pages33 minutes


The Sassy Chick's Guide to All Relationships is a 20-Page booklet that tackles the different types of relationships and focuses on building relationships with the people around us.

Do you find yourself caught in the middle of a troubled relationship? This book is for you. Topics include: the power of self-love, finding time for your family, dealing with ineffective work relationships, how to be conflict competent, and lots more. You will find various techniques inside this booklet that will teach you how to turn difficult relationships into meaningful and effective ones just by doing simple things.

Each chapter is designed to help you find ways to form healthy relationships with those you come in contact with - how to react, things to do, and ways to remedy situations.

Meaningful relationships are what make life bearable, so let this booklet help you start cultivating.
(Booklet: 12,000 Words)

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