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The Training Place of Mankind: God's Creation Explained For Normal Folk

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End the confusion!
God’s people have been sold a bill of goods. If you think about it at all, evolution could not be true. If this young earth is really billions of years old, then God is a liar. You know that isn’t true.
This book tells the tale of God’s creation lovingly, by a man who only recently came to his senses. It had been obvious when he visited the Grand Canyon that it was done quickly. A river just doesn’t erode like that over millennia.
God made man. We didn’t come from apes. The first two chapters of Genesis have given scientists clear ideas about how and why God did what He did in those six days. It’s amazing how clear it is when a believer explains how it works.
Join David on a glorious trip through the 7,000 years of creation. Yes, we only have one millenium left. Then this one is gone—replaced by what we commonly call heaven. God calls it a new creation.
Rejoice in the glory of what
He has done for us!

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