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Yoga Guy

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Lisa has always gotten along well with men. Really well. But has she had any long-term relationships? Nope. She wants that to change, so she's decided to look for the opposite of her type. And she's not going to jump in bed with him right away, either. After an electrifying first encounter, she decides on Greg, a slightly out of shape colleague who never seems to date. But she can't understand why he's not picking up on any of her cues. Is he the one for her?

Greg is finally ready to start dating again after a nasty breakup, and joins a yoga class to meet someone. He finds Diane, who'd be perfect for him if she weren't already married. Much to his dismay (he's a nice guy, after all), he falls for her anyway. Is he the kind of man who'd date a married woman?

Diane takes a yoga class because she's bored and lonely, even though she has a husband and two kids. But her husband is away a lot and she didn't sign up for single parenthood. Greg is giving her all the attention she craves, and she's missing her husband less than ever. Is she heading for an affair?

If you like PG-13 romantic comedies, this is the book for you!

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