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No Clutter Ever Again

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Carol was frantic. She had searched high and low for the brown envelope. She was 100% certain that she had put the envelope on the stack of bills that had taken up permanent residence on the island in her kitchen.

That simple little brown envelope that everyone would recognize if they saw it. Even though many people now used automatic deposit for their tax refunds, a number of us still prefer to see that envelope and light blue check.

That kitchen island was totally covered with a gazillion other pieces of paper in addition to that stack of bills.

When she couldn't find it there she moved on to the "junk drawer" where stuff that wasn't that important was stuck - no luck. She moved in to the master bedroom where all things considered "important" usually ended up on top of one dresser or another.

No luck. After hours of searching every possible or impossible nook and cranny of her house she finally threw herself down at the kitchen table, head in hands and sobbed uncontrollably. She couldn't believe she had lost several thousands dollars that the family desperately needed.

She reached into her purse hanging off the chair to grab a tissue. 'Lo and behold, a tiny corner of a brown envelope was sticking out of her wallet. Yes, there it was all along safe and sound.

How many of us can relate? Have you ever had that gut-wrenching feeling that hits when you misplaced something important? Perhaps your story isn't as serious as Carols but it's still important, especially to you.

We are all guilty of some type of carelessness. And, if we are honest, it's probably associated with some amount of "clutter." Whether, it's in the kitchen, living room or even the bathroom, it can take it's toll.

Most people who suffer from stress don't associate that stress with clutter. But, think about it! How organized and coherent can our thoughts and actions possibly be if we are surrounding ourselves with massive amounts of disorganization and clutter?

Bad habits have a tendency to migrate to all areas of our personal and professional lives. Clutter can be one of the worse habits to acquire. Short of bulldozing our homes and offices, is there anything else we can do to overcome this mess?

Is there a solution for Carol's problem?

As a matter of fact there is. We have a tendency to hang on to a trend that began thousands of years ago when we were all "hunter-gatherers." Now, that is no longer a problem, but we still operate as hunters (bargain shoppers included) and gatherers ( we might need it "someday.")

Learn how to bring yourself into the current century and create a more streamlined version of your life. Leave behind the terrible emotional results faced by Carol once and for all!

How to do that and much more is presented for you in "No Clutter Ever Again!"

What you will learn from "No Clutter Ever Again!"
1. Understand that clutter is dangerous.
2. Learn how clutter is hazardous to your health.
3. Understand how expensive clutter can be.
Take a peek inside and you will find out everything you need to know to about "No Clutter Ever Again!":

Learn all about the importance of timing.
Get the family or your employees involved.
Discover and avoid the storage trap.
How to protect yourself.

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