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Your child is almost back to normal after reaching the brink of death—thanks
to brilliant brain surgeon Dr. George Latham, whose deep-tissue fetal-cell implants restore neurological function in certain juvenile patients. Amazingly, Latham’s controversial surgery is the reason your child’s mysterious full-body paralysis is gone. Latham says the side effects—the disabling tics and spasms—will subside in time. Maybe. You should be grateful for such good results, considering. So just take your kindergartener and go home . . .
Unless you’re Memphis pediatric resident Dr. Sarchi Seminoux and the patient is your orphaned nephew, Drew.
Dr. Seminoux asks questions. Dr. Seminoux wants answers.
She begins to see inconsistencies in Latham’s procedures. Then an anonymous tipster alerts her that Drew’s case is similar to other child patients of Latham’s in ways that go beyond clinical details.
Something is very suspicious. Patterns emerge. Latham makes it clear: he won’t tolerate her meddling. Suddenly Seminoux is being stalked, smeared, and threatened.
The truth is more dangerous than she ever imagined.
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