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Your average teenage boy is out walking by the lake one day and inadvertently discovers an old secret. That old secret awakens and has only revenge on its mind. In a sudden mix of confusion, the real and unreal collide. Events take place that are so bizarre that no one would believe them. An unlikely friend and alley is discovered at the local library that has some answers. As the boy rushes to understand what is happening, the attacks increase and widen. Now it’s after his family. The whole situation is getting out of control. Alax knows that time is short and must find a way to restore things to how they were before. Every attempt he makes is countered and things get worse. Strangeness has become the new norm. In all out last ditch effort, a plan is forged and put in motion. The old secret has no intentions of letting Alax succeed in his efforts. Every hour becomes intense as the struggle between young and old increases. Who will be the victor? Will anything be the same? Will the secret go back to whence it came?

Check out epic struggle and judge for yourself.

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