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39 Boys on Ground

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With these 39 interwoven snapshots, the reader enters the darkly humorous, insightful, surreal and brutally honest worlds of boys as they climb from the hollows of their youth into the world of men. On their way to an imperfect redemption, and with a determined spirit of compassion, these 39 boys and those who at times narrate their stories for them must pass through the formidable shadows of deprivation and war with only an intensely lyrical and allegorical lamp to light the way.

Join the journey and discover how these travelers come to grips not only with their biological fathers, but with their larger and more intangible societal family members who entice them with the riches and sanctioned norms of our institutions and customs.

39 Boys On Ground is part one of the Transformations Pentology. The five volumes explore and commemorate a journey that begins with physical deprivation in Africa and continues in an expanding sphere that passes through modern life in the Americas into a reawakened mysticism. In many ways, the journey is the author’s own, but the stories are told from a wide variety of perspectives and circumstance.

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