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Easy Fabulous Bread Making: a collection of quick, no knead, homemade bread recipes

Length: 68 pages31 minutes


Close your eyes and imagine the smell of fresh bread wafting under your nose. Are you smiling yet? One of life's greatest pleasures is sinking your teeth into a buttery slice of crusty bread, still warm from the oven.

And yet there is, especially in the United States, almost a universal carelessness about the quality and taste of the bread that we eat on a daily basis. People eat the most appalling trash imaginable, and accept it as a matter of course. The normal bread in an American household is a pasty white bread that is more air than food, devoid of nutrients, and stuffed with chemicals so it has a longer shelf life. And it tastes bad.

The recipes in this book make a homemade bread with complex flavor, no harsh yeast taste, and they require no kneading or hard work. You can have fresh, delicious bread every day, without fuss or muss.

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