This is a quick but very informative workbook that will walk you, step-by-step, through everything you need to make moonshine and pretty much any other liquor in the comfort of your own kitchen. Cooking up spirits isn’t any harder then properly roasting a Thanksgiving Turkey. In fact it’s so easy that a redneck like me can do it. And folks if I can do it, then imagine what you might be able to create in your kitchen! Imagine the holidays when you pull out your own special label. Think of the drinks and dishes you can concoct. Open up a whole new world of creativity and step into the hobby of home distilling.

There are dozens of reasons why people look into home distilling. Maybe you are looking for a new culinary branch to explore, maybe you just like the idea of knowing how to do things for yourself, perhaps you just like to keep the old ways alive or maybe you are just tired of our government telling us what we can and can not do!

For decades big liquor companies have used our government to convince us that distilling was dangerous. They tell us that we’d blow ourselves up or go blind, HOGWASH! These are superstitions used to keep us from being independent and keep their friends rich. You know what’s dangerous? Frying turkeys, ha! Seriously though, in this book I will cover all of these misconceptions and show you how easy and safe it really is. Just remember that you can not go blind from properly made liquor any more then you are likely to die from properly cooked pork. But treat any food product incorrectly and you will not appreciate the outcome.

Please be advised that this is for informational purposes only. After you read this you will understand just how easy it is to make your own Moonshine, Whiskey, Vodka, Rum or even alternative fuels. With this knowledge in hand please contact your congressman and/or senator and help us repeal the laws that are only in place to protect big businesses. Believe it or not there are Moonshiners everywhere and we have a grand tradition that goes back to the first settlers. Many historians will even tell you that it was moonshine that built this country! Lets take a step forward for our past and repeal ridiculous distilling laws!

Thank you everyone for your support!

Moonshiners Unite!

Published: Jeff King on
ISBN: 9781301495368
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