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Unified Field Theory: An Essay

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This essay dismisses force at a distance and innate attraction as a force in nature. It picks up where Newton's early critics left off, dismissing force at a distance without any mediating agency as superstition. Einstein is roundly criticized for both his Special Relativity Theory and General Relativity Theory. The work of Arthur Sinton Otis is used to attack the special theory. Curved space is shown to be logically inconsistent as is the accordion like expansion and contraction of space. The concept of ether calm is explained as the source of gravitation. Additionally it is postulated that heavenly bodies have an innate tendency to move in arcs using the toy football game where players move about the field by vibration as the analogy. The wave-particle of quantum mechanics is replaced with the wave-vector particle. Waves are carried by an oscillating particle across the expanse of space. This reconciles the results of the Michelson-Morley experiment with known wave properties of light. These particles form the basis of a dynamic ether that is the medium for gravitational forces. A dynamic ether is an ether where the particles speed about in all directions but effectively act as a static ether when treated as an aggregate. It is postulated that all waves interfere with each other negatively and dismisses evidence to the contrary. Interesting properties of wave-vector particles are discussed, including how they oscillate, manage to travel great distances, and certain possible consequences of their behavior. Harmonic transformation is discussed as a means by which the shape and makeup of nature can be altered to suit the needs of man. This opens up an age of a new Pythagoras, leaving the chicanery and mysticism of the old age of Pythagoras behind. The laws of nature are modified to fit into a universe of push. a new law of inertia is defined; impetus is brought back from the past as a force in nature; a law of right angular momentum is defined showing that all force in one direction has a complementary force at right angles to it. Thermodynamics is modified to fit observations of the subatomic world. Finally, this work is a set of general algorithms to deal with nature. by general algorithm I mean that the math has not been done to support the algorithms. The math to support these assertions would be formidable. I suppose the math to refute them would be difficult as well.
NOTE (2/22/19) My views have changed on a number of topics mentioned here. I now deem light to be entirely waveform through an ether. My views on gravity and certain other topics have been modified. Browsing thru my Smashwords works by title will indicate where these topics were brought up again.

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