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Your Angels Called and Left a Message

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Do you wish for a stronger connection with your higher self? Would you love to see the stress and struggle slip out of your life?

Award winning author, Hemat Malak, was no stranger to disappointment and struggle before she found her own 'happy place' through the help of angels.
Strengthen YOUR connection now by reading these Light-filled words that will lift you to a beautiful, higher plane where you can find true happiness.

Allow these divinely inspired messages to warm your heart and light your soul. Download this special book today.

In "Your Angels Called and Left a Message" you will
• find new meaning in your life and your experiences
• transform the way you see the world and other people
• feel completely loved and accepted, just the way you are
• know with joy that you are never alone.

As a SPECIAL BONUS, this edition includes a valuable chapter, The Practice of Meditation. Meditation can transform your life and this chapter, written by best-selling author and mystical teacher, Michele Blood, will give you the guidance you need to easily add meditation to your day, or to deepen your existing practice.

What others are saying about "Your Angels Called and Left a Message":

"This book by Hemat Malak is truly inspired from the Light. Be inspired by these angel Light messages, and transform to a higher vibration— this is a priceless gift for your soul."
—Michele Blood, best-selling author and mystical teacher

"Hemat, through her inspired words, helped me rediscover some forgotten pieces of me."
—DR Rudina Thanasi (Europe)

"The words in this book are of grace... I feel these words that are used come from pure Source."
—William Scannell (Ireland)

"These messages have awakened my inner self and connected to me true love and God. This book encourages you to listen to your higher self to increase your happiness, joy and peace in your life. I have not ever read a book like this with such profound and loving messages throughout. I read the messages over and over to get more meaning each time. They are such a blessing to read."
—Gary Barwig (USA)

"I enjoyed it from my heart VERY MUCH. Thank you."
—Zuzana Fancovicova (Europe)

"Thank you for what can only be called an experience of wisdom and truth."
—Susan Kowalczyk (USA)

"Hemat's messages from the angels energize me with delightful reminders of our beauty, connectedness, and how much we are loved. While reading the messages, I felt my spirit take flight with joy and delight. I highly recommend "Your Angels Called and Left a Message" to everyone wishing to soar and celebrate life!"
—Susanne Rothschild (USA)

"Simply go into the silence and know your true inner self will guide you to the perfect right message for YOU right NOW...your life will profoundly change in such a beautiful way. For each message is a pearl of Divine Light; these are truly messages from the Divine."
—Zobeeda Madsen (Spain)

"When I read Angels I immediately felt a peace and calm in my body. My breathing became more purposeful and I could feel the depth of the words as I was drawing each breath. Thank you for your love, and blessings to you."
—Sabah Fakhoury (USA)

Filled with 120 beautiful messages, this is a blessing to own or gift... click to download now.

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