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The Last Cigarette?: How to Stop Smoking and Quit The Habit For Good! - An Idiots Guide to Better Health and Wellness

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When it comes to smoking, success depends almost wholly on the smoker’s DETERMINATION and WILL to stop. Without this determination, no anti-smoking remedy will succeed. But with it, a person CAN QUIT without paying for some EXPENSIVE anti-smoking remedy.

90% of ex-smokers quit WITHOUT any of such aids. As World Health magazine said: “The major element in success or failure is and will always be the SMOKER’S WILLPOWER. The rest is just trimming.”

But how can a person obtain the will to stop?

What is the best way to stop?
Is it by reducing the number of cigarettes consumed each day, thereby gradually quitting?

Or is it by setting a day and stopping abruptly on that day?........

In this book entitled ”The Last Cigarette - How To Stop Smoking and Quit The Habit For Good” You will find these answers and MUCH more and you will learn the many tricks USED BY MILLIONS to stop smoking and GET YOUR LIFE and HEALTH BACK ON TRACK TODAY!

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