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A Question of Character

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A playboy President and a power-hungry First Lady are followed by rumors of death and questionable disappearances of their enemies!
What if the President of the United States was a murderer? D.C. Metro Police detective Colin Franks finds he must deal with that question as his investigation into a body found in a Washington, D.C. park leads him toward the nation's highest office. Federal investigators insist the death is a suicide, but Franks thinks otherewise. With the assistance of a conspiracy theorist and a Secret Service agent with a nagging conscience, the detective violates department orders and follows the trail of political intrigue and murder all the way to the White House. Along the way he discovers corruption, dissention, an assassination plot, and a treasure trove of historical artifacts hidden since the Civil War. This fast paced and thrilling novel shows the reader that in the world of politics, it all comes down to 'A Question of Character.'

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