Man needs healthy, good quality food, containing all essential elements and not to feed with sweets, pastries, sweeties. Natural food ensures the necessary conditions for the development of mind, heart, soul and spirit. The elements that man uses are the same, but the methods for their perception are different. Each food is useful to man if he knows how to take it. I do not tell you what food to eat and what not to eat, but I advise to eat it with Love and mood. It is important to use food that brings strength. Essential food gives strength and vigor.

You do not have the right to eat whatever food! You say that you can eat whatever. Anyone who eats food not allowed by the law is punished. You have been punished many times and you still recalcitrate.

At first eating has been harmonic, now it is disharmonic. There is no man who after having eaten has not died.

Man who knows how to eat lives a long life ­ 100, 120, 130 years. Adam who has known this law has lived 900 years. After that life has began to shorten because people already have been committing sins and have been feeding with meat.

When we look over the question of vegetarianism we have in mind that meat meal stops the progress of human individuality. When food stops man in his development it should not be eaten; it is not because there is something in the food itself, but if it impedes man it is better not to eat it.

Well, how could you know which food is pure and which is impure? Everything that impedes man is impure. I take into consideration this: each thing that impedes man is impure. It is impure I think so. Practically to clarify we use these terms, because each idea should have something certain, something that you should understand. Many times you think you understand things that are not defined. Someone says: It is impure, but it smells well, etc. The question is not about that. It impedes man ­ nothing else. What makes man tired is impure, what makes man distant to God is impure, what impedes you on your way to reach your ideal is impure. Impureness is what impedes man. Impeding means: there is always something dark here. To be impeded means that there is darkness. Impurity lives in darkness. Impurity is connected with darkness. It cannot live in light, it lives in darkness. And is said that all these harmful microbes that torture, tire man, die in the light and therefore they live in dark places, they live in darkness.

The purer and healthier food man uses the greater and brighter future he prepares for himself. In order to purify food from the poisons coming from the earth on the one side and from the animals on the other side, it should be cleared. No physical or psychological method is able to purify the food except the thoughts and feelings of the people. Meat food contains most poisons. Neurasthenia partly is due to this. A day will come when even the plants in their intent to keep their lives will start producing poisons harmful to man. People use them for cure.

The Europeans are always in a hurry and when eating they do not chew their food well and do not think about the food while eating, but think about other things. While eating bread you should think about the bread only ­ it is sacred. Wheat is sacred. You eat unconsciously and then you say that you suffer from various diseases. Diseases show deviation in any aspect ­ mental, heart, volitional.

In order to show higher spiritual abilities man should poses finer matter and this happens with nutrition, but it is necessary to know how to extract the important extract from the food. The essential is what we get in the relevant spiritual state. When man is in good mood and calm he can easily take the energies from food ­ prana.

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