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Birthing Forth Your Prophetic Word

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Birthing Forth Your Prophetic Word
by Jeremy Lopez
· Have you ever received a word from the Lord and have no clue what to do next?
· Do you know how to care for your prophecy and not abort it?
This teaching describes how your prophecy is like a seed in your womb waiting for its ninth month to birth forth into your destiny! In, Birthing Forth Your Prophecy, learn how to make your word from the Lord come ALIVE!
Chapters Include:
1. The Prophetic Word is a Seed of Life
2. The Word of the Lord is Not Void of Power
3. Prophecy is Like a Baby
4. Every Prophetic Word One Receives is for an Appointed Time
5. Prophecy has a Timetable
6. Don’t Miss Your Day of Conception
7. When the Prophetic Word Comes to You it is Already Preprogrammed for Success and to Accomplish the Things that God Intends for it to Accomplish.
8. Impregnation Begins When a Husband and Wife Come Together.
9. When Impregnation Comes it Means That You Are No Longer Alone.
10. Impregnation Brings Change When Our Spirit Comes Together with God’s Spirit
11. The Prophetic Word Brings Forth Divine Order
12. When the Prophetic Word Comes it Changes Your Life
13. The Hebrew Word for Prophecy is Debar
14. The Person that Receives the Prophecy is Not the Same Person That fulfills It
15. If You are not Ready for Change, You are not Ready for the Word of the Lord
16. When You have Received Many Prophetic Words, The Prophets are Speaking Various Seasons and Chapters Into Your Life
17. God Has Purposes for Your Birth
18. When a Woman is Pregnant She Usually Ceases to be in the Company of Those that are not Pregnant Because There is No Instruction that She Can Receive from Them
19. You Are Preprogrammed for Success
20. God Has Given Us the Power of Decision

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