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How To Launch a Mobile Website for Your Local Business in 24 Hours or Less
Supercharge Your Local Marketing Campaigns by Attracting New Customers
Wielding Smart Phones and Deep Pockets...

Colin Mack, author of Small Business Marketing Tips has arranged an incredible opportunity for you. ($497 Value)

Visit the Covertise website and discover:

·Seven Reasons Why Your Local Business Needs a Mobile Version of the Website
·What Does a Mobile Website Look Like?
·Mobile friendly websites connecting more customers to your local business
·Do Customers Actually Use Smart Phones to Find Local Businesses?
·What is SMS Marketing?
·Examples of SMS Marketing Campaign Messages
·SMS Marketing – Eight Benefits of Text Message Campaigns
·Three Ways to Get Started with SMS Marketing
·SMS Marketing Demo
·QR Codes – What is a QR Code and How Do QR Codes Work
·Free QR Code Reader for Your Smartphone
·Free QR Code Generator for Your Local Business

Claim Your FREE Mobile Website for Your Local Business
(for a limited time only, restrictions apply, contact us for details)....

Published: Colin Mack on
ISBN: 9780984719228
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Availability for 24 Hour Mobile Website
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