Hold the Faith

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Hold the Faith

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars5/5 (1 rating)
Length: 496 pages5 hours


As Benjamin discovered, it is not easy to be the great-grandson of the last living apostle.
There are times when he is torn in his loyalties.
There are times he wants to be more involved in his father’s business in the bustling Ephesus market, but he also enjoys his work with his great-grandfather, the Apostle John.
When he is offered an amazing opportunity to accompany his great-grandfather around the churches of Revelation he is overjoyed.
It is two years later and many experiences later when they return to Ephesus.
Everything has changed, including him. He has finally grown up and wants to marry Deborah, who has also grown up while he has been gone.
But, his plans go dramatically wrong.
A chance meeting with a group of strangers will have a long-term and devastating impact on Benjamin’s life.
One that has him leaving Ephesus angry and in despair, rejected by Deborah’s father, and questioning his faith.
Will his flight help him decide on his future?
Or will it take him further from God?

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