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Unforgiving and Cruel: A Tale of the Samurai of Hell

25 pages19 minutes


Haiyu had come to the strange otherland to find a dream woman and redemption. Instead, he found a nightmarish adventure beyond life and death! Now, a samurai sworn to Emma-O, the Lord of Hell, Haiyu must roam the alien world until he can plant his master's banner in this strange land's heart. His journey is not a simple one. Many oni and the bakemono stand before him, but the monsters and demons cannot stand before his blade and his will . . .

This land can be unforgiving and cruel . . .

The bodies of two young boys lay at the edge of a swamp. Their killer waits within, relentless, cunning and inhuman. Only Haiyu can stop it, but can he do so alone? A mysterious woman who dwells within the poisonous land may hold the secret to Haiyu's success, but unimaginable pain weighs upon her heart and spirit.

With this pulse-pounding adventure, Daniel R. Robichaud continues the exciting heroic fantasy tales of a samurai in a strange land. The story stands alone, inviting new readers to jump on board in this installment.

This story originally appeared in the 2008 Bouchercon Special edition of Blazing Adventures Magazine. This eBook edition presents the author's preferred text, revised and expanded from its original appearance.

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