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This comprehension is designed to give the reader a fundamental knowledge of all the underlying technologies of computer networking, the physics of networking and the technical foundations.

The reader, may it be a student, a professional or any interested should be enabled to understand state of the art technologies and contribute to network based business decisions, get the basis for further technical education or simply get the math of the technology behind modern communication technologies.

This Book covers:
Needs and Social Issues
Basics to Network Technologies
Type of Networks such as LAN, MAN, WAN, Wireless
Networking Hardware such as Adapters, Repeater, Hub, Bridge, Router, etc.
Network protocol
What is Data: Bits, Bytes and Costs
Bandwidth and Latency
Protocol Hierarchies and Layers
Design of Layers
Connection-Oriented and Connectionless Services
Reference Models
The OSI Reference Model
The TCP/IP Reference Model
Historical Networks such as Internet, ARPANET, NSFNET
The World Wide Web
The Architecture of the Internet
The Ethernet
Wireless networks
Networking Standards
Hybrid Reference Model
The Hybrid Reference Model
The Physical Layer and it’s Theoretical Foundations
The Fourier Analysis
Bandwidth-Limited Signals
The Maximum Data Rate of a Channel
Transmission Media
The Fundamentals of Wireless Data Transmission
Satellite Communication

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ISBN: 9781301455959
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