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The Forms of Dulda

The Forms of Dulda

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The Forms of Dulda

5/5 (1 rating)
22 pages
15 minutes
Feb 13, 2013


THE FORMS OF DULDA is a quirky fantasy-comedy short story.

While being pursued by The Gregaritons - a horde of body-part-swapping beasts who share one eye, and are on the hunt for more nostrils - Poilu-Flux inadvertently runs straight into the phenomenal arms of something spoken of only in cautionary tales.

'The beasts were still coming for him, so he had to choose his fate quickly. Should he meet his doom at the hands of The Gregaritons, or leap bravely into the unknown abyss?'

Feb 13, 2013

About the author

Kay Woods is a writer and filmmaker. She is the author of fiction (The Whirling Room, Ringlands, Ravenous Cavernous), and non-fiction (How to Build a Pallet and Plastic Bottle Greenhouse, Surviving the Cuts, and Other Disasters).

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The Forms of Dulda - Kay Woods


Kay Woods

Copyright ©2019 by Kay Woods

All rights reserved.

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All characters in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Published by Mintachine Media, 2019

Smashwords Edition

Cover image by Thomas Budach from Pixabay

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

Thank you for downloading this e-book. This book remains the copyrighted property of the author, and may not be redistributed to others for commercial or non-commercial purposes. If you enjoyed this book, please encourage your friends to download their own copy from their favourite authorized retailer. Thank you for your support.

The Forms of Dulda was previously published in 2013 by Archaeopteryx Books with the title Ravenous Cavernous and under the pseudonym Korban Blake.


He didn’t need to look behind him. It was fairly easy to ascertain from the relentless roaring and gnashing, clinking of chains, multiple feet pounding, and sparks flying, that they

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