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The Forms of Dulda
The Forms of Dulda
The Forms of Dulda
Ebook22 pages15 minutes

The Forms of Dulda

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About this ebook

THE FORMS OF DULDA is a quirky fantasy-comedy short story.

While being pursued by The Gregaritons - a horde of body-part-swapping beasts who share one eye, and are on the hunt for more nostrils - Poilu-Flux inadvertently runs straight into the phenomenal arms of something spoken of only in cautionary tales.

'The beasts were still coming for him, so he had to choose his fate quickly. Should he meet his doom at the hands of The Gregaritons, or leap bravely into the unknown abyss?'

Release dateFeb 13, 2013
The Forms of Dulda
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Kay Woods

Kay Woods is the author of fiction (The Whirling Room, Ringlands, Ravenous Cavernous aka The Forms of Dulda) and non-fiction (How to Build a Pallet and Plastic Bottle Greenhouse, Surviving the Cuts, and Other Disasters), and wrote the screenplay for the 2019 short film, Dear Stranger.In previous lives, Kay has been a Private Investigator and Process Server, a journalist, owner of a book shop, and an entrepreneur.

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