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Knight of Westmoorland: The Queen and the warrior

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Unimaginable torture...from the woman he loves.

Queen Gracelyn of Cambridge has not always been the warrior’s enemy. T’was a time when there was peace between their realms and she was a frequent visitor to Westmoorland, to see King William.

That time is passed. Now, though they are not engaged in war, they are no longer allies.
Sent by his king on a mission to infiltrate her realm and observe, the warrior disguises himself as a peasant. But he is recognized as a Knight of Westmoorland and captured.

A prisoner in her dungeon, he cannot help but wonder what tortures she will use to get the answers she needs. Answers he doesn't have to give. And he wonders...

When he breaks, will his confession be ignorance of his king’s plans?

Or the fact that he has loved her for nearly a decade?

Author’s note:
This is a historical romance, set in medieval ages, with a single but intense scene of erotica, and undertones of BDSM. While there are elements that someone familiar with BDSM will recognize, it is not a story of two people “playing” or performing kinky acts together.

It is a tale of a captured warrior knight in a position of forced submission. And, it’s a tale of a man torn between his love for a Queen who is now an enemy of his homeland, and his loyalty to the king to whom he has sworn his allegiance.

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