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Poetic Reflections: Keep The Heart Of A Child

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With thirteen oft-humorous "Poetic Reflections" columns as a framework for chapters and themes, the author presents a collection of original poems and song lyrics from "a lifetime of versage" — a journey through her soul. The volume features giddy lingual romps, the words to a variety of Folk-Rock ballads, poems from other book projects, witty mullings, and much more. A serious thread running through the book is the topic of Abuse, which the author addresses directly as well as in verse. The collection is thoughtful, unusual, uplifting, and emotional. This is Lori R. Lopez at her gravest and wryly mischievous best.

What is an Author's Draft? It is an original concept devised by Lori R. Lopez: The author's true voice; the author's pure and untampered vision, preserving her idiosyncracies and eccentric stylings!

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