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Volume 18 is the 4th book in succession that is attempting to show that there’s a mathematical pattern that can be pulled from Earth’s Electromagnetic Field as a Planetary RSS Feed that will pass on information 24 to 48 hours prior to the Associated Press Feed. Chapter 1 shows the example of the Robin Hood Green Hat news articles for 2/13 of 2013 that align with Green Arrow and Link from Legend of Zelda who both wear Green Hats mentioned in Volume 17 published on 2/12 of 2013. Chapter 2 talks about Marco Rubio’s water bottle incident where he says that God has a funny way of showing we’re human. This aligns with the mention of water as knowledge in Volume 17. Chapter 3 is regarding “Ghost Hunters” Episode #4.22 that aired on in 2008 five years ago that made it to the top of the news feed referring to “Ghostbusters” mentioned in Volume 17. Chapter 5 uses a mathematical decryption code to show how the name Wonder Woman can be linked to Legend of Zelda where Zelda was named after Zelda Fitzgerald born 7/24 like Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. Chapter 6 talks about the unusual Final Jeopardy Answer posted on 2/12 of 2013. Chapter 7 is about William Shatner saying in the news that J. J. Abrams is a pig aligning with Volume 17’s reference to Babe the Pig. Chapter 8 points out how the concept of Transwarp Beaming in the 2009 movie “Star Trek” was by Scotty who was played by James Doohan born 3/3 when Florida became a state and Simon Pegg born 2/14 when Oregon and Arizona became states. Chapter 9 talks about William Shatner’s wife Nerine Kidd who was born 7/13 like Patrick Stewart as an Enterprise Captain. Chapter 10 shows how Chris Pine’s name can translate to Christopher Pike who was the prior Enterprise captain. Chapter 11 breaks down Captain Kirk’s middle name Tiberius as an acronym. Chapter 12 talks about the Emergency Command Hologram and the Photonic Cannon. Chapter 13 talks about the concept of how people approach religion addressed by the “Star Trek” franchise. Chapter 14 talks about the Kobayashi Maru simulation. Chapter 15 addresses why God would need a starship. Chapter 16 talks about the Ablative Armor used in the final episode of “Star Trek: Voyager” against the Borg. Chapter 17 is about the attempt to communicate with Starfleet in “Star Trek: Voyager” #4.14 “Message in a Bottle.” Chapter 18 is about morality and ethics implemented in “Star Trek: Voyager” #7.15 “The Void.”

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ISBN: 9781301433667
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