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Eternity hangs in the balance for your everlasting soul. Where will you end up after death? What are your options? Does anyone know for sure? Alas! You’ve got email from God. 3 Power steps to understand how to get from where you are to the inside of Heaven’s pearly gates is clearly laid out in modern, common computer terms. Gain control of your future! It has been said, “If you do not know how to die, then you truly do not know how to live”. You can KNOW for sure that you are on your way to Heaven after this life. Dr. Clark makes sense out of 1-2-3 Bible steps to gain eternal life for your never-ending, never-dying soul. A better life is realized by a significant internal choice that secures your forever in Heaven. Find peace by making the most important decision of your life in, “Email From God”.

Published: Dr.Troy Clark on
ISBN: 9781301632046
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