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The Mavrix Anthology: Volume 1

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Welcome to a world of enchantment and wonder! Princes and Princesses and frogs of course. Welcome to a world of dragons, werewolves, vampires, minotaurs, unicorns, the occasional cycloptecorn and of course, regular people just like you and me plus some people that probably aren't like you and me. Action, adventure, romance and alllll that mumbo jumbo. Welcome! To the world of Mavrix.

The Mavrix Anthologies feature a collection of short stories about the life and times of Mavrix as he wanders across the world he lives in. The landscape and his adventures are as varied as life itself. The world may seem familiar what with the Princesses that need rescue'n, vampires that need kill'n, loot that needs pillage'n, dragons that need slay'n, (or to be ran away from as the case may warrant), and cycloptecorns that need hunt'n, (you know, a cross between a cyclops and a unicorn... real nasty thing), armies that need fight'n, prophesies that need spite'n, ladies that need romance'n, knives that need throw'n, imponderables that need ponder'n, torches that need juggle'n, Gods that need defy'n and more.

Follow Mavrix as he wades through hilarity, tragedy, self-doubt, confidence and everything in between. Sometimes he runs, sometimes he fights and sometimes he talks and sometimes...... sometimes he even learns something.

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