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The Forrester Girls

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The Forrester Girls is a story of three sisters who start towards home when learning of the poor health of their father.

Their brother Jimmy had been in the Marine Corps, stationed somewhere in parts unknown somewhere in the wasteland known as Afghanistan when he lost his life.

Marie, followed her brother into the Marines making it somewhat of a career by becoming one of the youngest Lieutenant Colonels in the Marines.

The middle daughter, Amber, was a high powered sales rep who traveled extensively. She was very successful at what she did but there was a dark side of Amber's career that no one in the Forrester family was aware of.

Elizabeth who drove an eighteen wheeler for a living was as tough as the male 'gear jammers' piloting the big rigs across the United States. Her trip home is worth the price of this book.

The Forrester Girls will read like it is made of three books but it is not a trilogy. These are three separate story lines with a single thread running through each of them.

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