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Character Building Through Choices and Challenges

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Each story can be used as a powerful lesson plan in character education, complete with key words, introduction, questions and activities. The text of each story is very interactive with questions inserted ready for discussion. The situations spark discussion and help children explore what they stand for and what they believe. Reading and listening skills are enhanced. Each chapter ends with more questions for discussion and group or individual activities. All the tools and information to inspire children to think and use good decision making skills are offered right here.

The Mukie adventures help teach values such as mutual respect, cooperation, wisdom, love and caring, responsibility, nondiscrimination, and many other traits children need to develop.

Children 8-12 will find challenges in helping the Mukies work through risk taking adventures, friendship conflicts, and bravery episodes. These compassionate and optimistic characters show that by being open-minded and truly listening to one another, issues such as racism, violence, and aggression can be avoided.

Note for teachers and parents: Boys especially are drawn to these stories.

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