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Dawn Hyperdrive and the Galactic Handbag of Death

219 pages3 hours


Kevin Dearman does not fit in with his suburban neighborhood, and his only escape, his Dawn Hyperdrive video game, has just broken. To make things worse, his strict, elderly neighbor, Mrs. Spears, is coming to babysit him and his two sisters tonight so that his mom can begin working nights as a cashier at a grocery store.
But the babysitter who arrives isn't Mrs. Spears. When Dawn Hyperdrive arrives instead, Kevin and his sisters leave on a mission to another galaxy to defeat an evil space pirate: Mrs. Scales and her crew of Wax Dolls.
Can Dawn Hyperdrive beat Mrs. Scales in time to save Kevin and his sisters? What's inside the galactic handbag of death? Will Kevin's life ever be the same after this wild night away from Earth?
Find out in Dawn Hyperdrive and the Galactic Handbag of Death, the first book in the Dawn Hyperdrive series!

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