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How To Become A Federal Firearms Dealer
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Chuck Donald has been in the firearms industry for over forty years now and has prepared this guide “How To Become a Firearms Dealer” to help expedite obtaining an “FFL” (Federal Firearms License.) He’s had both the Curios & Relics License as well as the standard “gun dealer” FFL; he also operated for a number of years as a manufacturer.

There are plenty of sources on the internet offering to sell you the information for $10 to $30 or more for a “kit” when the information and all the forms are FREE!

This book and guide covers both a “Curios & Relics” (C&R) license which is intended primarily for collectors and the process for the typical FFL/Federal Firearms License which, when granted, will allow you to operate as a conventional firearms dealer, gunsmith, etc.

This book is oriented towards the FEDERAL license – you cannot engage in the firearms business without it!! This book does NOT cover your local laws and ordinances – you may also have to comply with local regulations (such as having a business in your home if that’s your intention) and zoning requirements.

The book includes copies of the current FFL and C&R application forms – also included are copies of the Compliance Certification (required for both license types) and the Fingerprint Card (required for FFL.)

Part-time business – sure; flexible hours of operation – usually no problem; business out of your home – most likely ok as long as you don’t run afoul of any of your LOCAL ordinances and restrictions. As long as you intend to operate a legitimate business for the purpose of making a profit you should have little difficulty.

You will NOT be able to obtain an FFL just for the purpose of obtaining a few firearms for yourself or your friends at dealer cost.

This book will help simplify the federal application process – the application is basically just an information gathering document and is very straight-forward - the ATF must respond to your application within 60 days and you will most likely have a visit from an ATF agent to go over your application and explain some details – the agent will also go over what ATF expects of a dealer as to record-keeping, security, etc. The BATF agents are usually very helpful and can help walk you through any sticking points such as hours of operation, secure storage, and the like. So don’t be concerned if you’re unsure about an item or two – you can always pick up the phone and give them a call for any item that appears unclear though I believe you will find the application process to be quite straight-forward.

Why wait – get started now - read over the forms enclosed in this guide and start completing the forma, getting your fingerprints taken, etc.

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How To Become A Federal Firearms Dealer

There could be multiple reasons for one becoming a firearms dealer. Maybe you are gun-savvy and want to turn a hobby into a legitimate business; perhaps you want to function and operate as a gunsmith only; maybe you need to generate some extra income during these trying economic times and an extra $100-$200 of monthly would help (obviously you need some firearms knowledge); maybe you have a lot of guns for sale; perhaps you’d like to open a gun shop; you might wish to become a wholesaler or distributor; maybe you’d like to join the ranks of gun dealers who make a good sum of