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Friend of the Family

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After ten years of marriage, Annie and Michael Morrow remained the couple everyone envied. Annie knew just what a rarity they were, and rejoiced in the fact that the man who could still take her breath way was also her best friend and closest confidant. Yet lately Annie had found herself troubled by a vague apprehension that Michael was keeping something from her...

Tender, moving, compassionate and wise, Friend of the Family is a rare work of fiction that sensitively portrays the full range of a woman's reactions to the discovery that her husband has a secret love-life. As Annie's initial horror gives way to an obsessive need to feel part of that life, and then to feelings of jealousy and rage that are more than she can bear, the reader comes face to face with hard truths about the exigencies of loyalty, love, and trust.

Annie's increasingly desperate efforts to make an intolerable situation seem bearable--even when it puts her at enormous risk--propel her into a strange and wondrous odyssey of self-exploration and self-deception. A cathartic and curative novel for anyone who has ever fallen prey to the emotional espionage that so often underlies the affairs of the heart, Friend of the Family is an unforgettable portrait of resilience, recovery and redemption.

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